Cervix - Cytology
Cytopathology Competency / Milestone Assessment - The Pap Test
3. Organisms and the PAP Test

Author: Ricardo R. Lastra, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Medical knowledge
  1. Recognize morphologic features of Trichomonas vaginalis infection
  2. Recognize morphologic features of Candida species infection
  3. Recognize morphologic features of Actinomyces infection
  4. Recognize morphologic features of Gardenella vaginalis infection and nonspecific bacterial vaginosis, including the characteristic "clue cells"
  5. Recognize morphologic features suggestive of Chlamydia trachomatis infection
  6. Recognize morphologic features of leptothrix infection
  7. Recognize morphologic features of herpes infection
  8. Recognize morphologic features of cytomegalovirus infection
Practice based learning and systems based practice
  1. Understand the clinical presentation and implication of these infections
  2. Identify the characteristic epithelial changes that might be seen in association to Trichomonas and Candida infections
  3. Identify underlying clinical conditions that predispose to certain infections
  4. Recognize nonspecific epithelial changes associated with infections as mimickers of neoplastic disease