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Normal cells / non-neoplastic findings

Endocervical cells

Reviewer: Xinmin Zhang, M.D., Temple University (see Reviewers page)
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Definition / General

● Most effective device for collection appears to be cytobrush and extended tip spatula (Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2000;CD001036)
● Presence of endocervical cells indicates that the upper limit of transformation zone was included, so collection is adequate

Cytology description

● Usually columnar cells (2 mm) with vacuolated or granular cytoplasm, prominent cell borders, basal nuclei with fine granular chromatin and occasional nucleoli
● Often identified in strips or sheets with mucin production that may results in cup-shaped nuclei
● Honeycomb appearance en face
● Ciliated if tubal metaplasia

Cytology images


Various images     Secretory cells     Ciliated cells


Large clusters of cells

En face

Tubal metaplasia



Liquid based cytology


Various images          En face                    Tubal metaplasia

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