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Benign cells / nonneoplastic lesions

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Definition / general
  • Vaginal vault smears are obtained for routine follow up
  • Routine vaginal cuff cytology screening tests may not need to be performed if hysterectomy was performed for benign uterine conditions (J Am Board Fam Pract 2000;13:233)
Case reports
  • 76 year old woman with posthysterectomy fallopian tube carcinoma presenting with positive cervicovaginal smear (Obstet Gynecol 1999;94:834)
Cytology description
  • Vaginal vault smears contain glandular cells with delicate cytoplasm and a honeycomb arrangement of cells (atrophic parabasal cells)
  • Vaginal vault smears may contain columnar or metaplastic cells (Cytopathology 1999;10:122)
  • Intracytoplamic mucin (endocervical cells) may be present (Acta Cytol 1998;42:1403)
  • Often features of inflammation / repair in background
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Glandular and squamous cells