Leptothrix vaginalis

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Definition / general
  • Leptothrix are long, slender, gram positive, non spore forming anaerobic organisms that may be seen in association with Trichomonas
  • Also known as Leptotrichia or Leptotrichia buccalis
  • Oral and vaginal cavities
Clinical features
Case reports
  • No treatment unless associated with a pathogen
Cytology description
  • Long, thin, segmented, filamentous structures
  • Usually nonbranching but occasionally branching may be observed
  • May form loops more frequently in conventional smears
  • May show acute inflammatory changes
  • Tend to form clumps in liquid based cytology preparations (LBC), as opposed to conventional smears
  • Trichomonas and Leptothrix together have been referred to as "spaghetti and meatballs"
Cytology images

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LBC: Leptothrix with Trichnomonas

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Long filamentous structure

Differential diagnosis
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