CNS tumor
Cytopathology competency assessment
Meningeal and choroid plexus tumors

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Gordon H. Yu, M.D.
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Medical knowledge, practice based learning and systems based practice
  1. Meningioma
    1. Recognize typical location of meningioma and imaging findings
    2. Recognize existence of variants of meningioma
    3. Recognize cytomorphologic appearance of typical meningioma and its variants and its correlation with the histologic appearance of this lesion
  2. Hemangiopericytoma (HPC)
    1. Recognize typical clinical presentation and radiologic findings in HPC
    2. Recognize cytomorphologic features seen in HPC
    3. Understand utility of immunohistochemical stains in the diagnosis of HPC
  3. Choroid plexus papilloma / carcinoma
    1. Recognize clinical features and typical anatomic location of choroid plexus neoplasms
    2. Understand differences in patient survival for those with choroid plexus papilloma as compared with those with choroid plexus carcinoma
    3. Recognize cytomorphologic characteristics of choroid plexus papilloma, in contrast to that seen in choroid plexus carcinoma
    4. Recognize utility of immunohistochemical stains in the diagnosis of choroid plexus neoplasms and it differentiation from other lesions
    5. Recognize commonly encountered cytogenetic aberrations in choroid plexus papilloma and carcinoma
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