CNS tumor
Cytopathology competency assessment
Sellar lesions

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Gordon H. Yu, M.D.
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Medical knowledge, practice based learning and systems based practice
  1. Craniopharyngioma (CP)
    1. Identify differential diagnosis of mass lesions of the sellar and parasellar region
    2. Understand embryogenesis of CP and its three distinct morphologic subtypes
    3. Understand typical symptomatology of patients with CP, based upon its usual anatomic location in the CNS
    4. Recognize the typical imaging findings of CP, its incidence and biologic behavior
    5. Recognize cytomorphologic characteristics of CP, including the typical gross appearance of cystic fluid often obtained from this lesion
  2. Rathke cleft cyst (RCC)
    1. Recognize clinical presentation and imaging findings of RCC
    2. Recognize cytomorphologic findings of RCC and its differential diagnsosis
  3. Epidermoid cyst (EC)
    1. Recognize clinical presentation and radiologic findings of EC
    2. Understand treatment approach for EC as a result of its anatomic location (adherence to cranial nerves)
    3. Recognize cytomorphologic characteristics of EC, including its expected smear background appearance as a feature useful in its differential diagnosis
  4. Colloid cyst of the third ventricle (CC)
    1. Recognize typical anatomic location of CC
    2. Recognize clinical signs and symptoms in patients with CC and their physiologic basis
    3. Recognize typical radiologic findings in CC
    4. Recognize cytomorphologic features of CC, the range of cell types which may be observed and features useful in its differential diagnosis
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