CNS tumor

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Definition / general
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Definition / general
  • Either primary biopsy to determine diagnosis; secondary biopsy to determine diagnosis or monitor therapy effect; or therapeutic resection
  • Primary biopsy: may be able to totally resect meningiomas, carcinomas, adenomas, schwannomas, pilocytic astrocytomas, ependymomas
  • Stereotactic needle biopsy: through small hole in skull; tissue may be nondiagnostic (necrotic, may have missed lesion); important for pathologist to indicate if lesional tissue is obtained; perform cytology by touching slide to gauze; report presence of large vessel to neurosurgeon
  • Secondary biopsy: repeat biopsies of lesion or its immediate vicinity; avoid by monitoring primary biopsy with intraoperative consultation
  • Posttherapy biopsy: must know nature of prior therapy
  • Therapeutic resection: if tumor was not previously completely excised; may be gross total resection (100% removal of known mass), radical subtotal (95 - 99% removal), subtotal (75 - 95% removal), partial (10 - 75% removal); compare to prior slides to determine treatment response (fibrosis, necrosis)