Common pathway

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Definition / general
  • Involves fibrinogen (factor I), factors II (prothrombin), V, X
  • Thrombin converts soluble fibrinogen to insoluble fibrin
    • Releases fibrinopeptides A and B
  • Remaining fibrin monomers polymerize to form fibrin
  • Thrombin also binds to antithrombin, which inhibits thrombin to prevent excessive clotting
  • Thrombin may also activate factor XI (part of intrinsic pathway), factors V, VIII, XIII, XI and platelets
  • Factor XIII cross links fibrin to increase stability of fibrin clot
  • While both PT and aPTT include the common pathway, the PT is a more sensitive screening test for common pathway problems
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Intrinsic, common, and extrinsic pathways

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In vivo coagulation cascade