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Definition / general
  • Allergic proctocolitis: benign disorder of blood streaked stools in otherwise healthy-appearing infants
  • Occurs in infants and children related to food, particularly cow's milk in infants and soy or eggs in older children
  • Both IgE and non-IgE related mechanisms (Allergol Immunopathol (Madr) 2009;37:36)
  • Some clinical cases of food allergy in young children are eventually diagnosed as inflammatory bowel disease (Med Wieku Rozwoj 2006;10:475)
  • Italian study of allergic proctocolitis: atopy patch tests positive in 100% infants, multiple positivity in 50%; sensitization for breast milk in 100%, cow's milk in 50%; also soy (28%), egg (21%), rice (14%), wheat (7%) (BMC Gastroenterol 2011;11:82)
Clinical features
Case reports
  • Removal of cow's milk from infant or (if breast fed) mother’s diet
  • Elemental diet based on amino acid formula typically resolves symptoms in 2-3 days, GI eosinophilic inflammation within 6 weeks (Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2007;18:360)
Clinical features

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Endoscopic findings

Microscopic (histologic) description
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Eosinophilic infiltration

Differential diagnosis
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