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Mantle cell lymphoma

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Definition / General
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • Nodular, sessile or polypoid lesions, widely spaced and confluent studded or cobblestone appearance
  • Each polyp 2 mm to 2 cm
  • May be dominant tumor mass in ileocecum
  • Endoscopically normal mucosa may have small tumor infiltrates also
Gross Images

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Lymphomatoid polyposis

Micro Description
  • Mantle cells (small lymphocytes with pale cytoplasm and cleaved nuclei), often invasion of submucosa, proliferation around germinal centers and sparing of mucosa
  • Late epithelial invasion and ulceration
  • Note: may also be minute lymphoid infiltrates in known mantle cell patients
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Incidental tumor

Positive Stains
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Differential Diagnosis