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Mucosal Schwann cell hamartoma

Author: Raul Gonzalez, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / General
  • Benign mucosal proliferation composed of Schwann cells
Essential Features
  • Benign, incidental spindle cell lesion
  • Not associated with any clinical syndrome
  • Positive for S100, negative for EMA
  • Has been called "neuroma" or "neurofibroma" in past
  • Can arise anywhere in the colorectum, but more common distally
Clinical Features
  • Average patient age is 62 years, with a female predominance (Am J Surg Pathol 2009;33:781)
  • Not associated with any particular syndrome
  • Lesions do not recur
  • Discovered incidentally during colonoscopy
Case Reports
Clinical Images

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Rectal polyps on colonoscopy

Gross Description
  • Small (6 mm or less) sessile polyp
Micro Description
  • Poorly circumscribed mucosal proliferation of spindle cells, with no whorling, no palisading, no fasciculation
  • Nuclei are generally small, bland and elongated
Micro Images

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Courtesy of Raul Gonzalez, M.D.

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Low power view on H&E

S100 positivity

Two rectal lesions (H&E and S100)

Positive Stains
Differential Diagnosis