Acute inflammation of globe

Author: Nat Pernick, M.D. (see Authors page)

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  • Usually infectious (bacteria or fungi, usually post-traumatic, also from intravenous drug use or hematogenous spread of infection)
  • Noninfectious cause is massive necrosis of uveal melanoma or metastatic carcinoma
  • Cataract surgery may cause mild endophthalmitis due to Propionibacterium acnes
  • Initially endophthalmitis (affects intraocular contents including vitreous humor but not sclera or cornea) - massive purulent reaction in anterior and vitreous chambers
  • Later panophthalmitis (involvement of retina, choroid, sclera or orbit)
  • Panophthalmitis exposes orbit to microorganisms but endophthalmitis does not
  • Late complication is Phthisis bulbi