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Fallopian tubes
Benign or non-neoplastic conditions
Decidual reaction

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Clinical features
Case reports
Micro description
Micro images
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Fig 1: Every mucosal fold is distended by decidual cells; advanced involution is present, leaving most of the folds partially cystic
Fig 2: Distended mucosal fold is attached to wall by a relatively narrow pedicle; tubal epithelium is flattened by compression; extensive involution is present, leaving the fold partially cystic; remaining decidual cells are in various stages of degeneration and vacuolated cells and ring forms are evident
Fig 3: Two structurally intact decidual cells are present at tip of a mucosal fold; the covering epithelium is flattened

Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Fig 4: Mucosal fold is distended by structurally well preserved decidual cells, which vary in size and shape; covering tubal epithelium is flattened
Fig 5: Group of decidual cells in a peritoneal evagination near the mesosalpinx has vacuolated cells and ring forms; also intact but flattened covering layer of serosal mesothelium; overlies cuboidal mesothelium detached from underlying tissue
Fig 6: Involuting decidual cells, mostly peculiar, somewhat irregular ring forms

Case of Week #285

Case of Week #285 - left: PR, right: vimentin

Various images

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