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Definition / general
  • Pear shaped saccular structure for bile storage in gallbladder fossa of posterior right hepatic lobe
  • Attached to liver by loose connective tissue and to duodenum by cholecystoduodenal ligament
  • 10 x 4 cm but depends on volume of bile (normal 40 - 70 ml)
  • Wall thickness 1 - 2 mm
  • Has fundus, body and neck
  • Distal fundus: extends beyond anterior liver margin
  • Central body: most of gallbladder
  • Neck: narrows as it joins the cystic duct
  • Cystic duct: 3 cm tubular structure, located in right free edge of lesser omentum, has spiral valve of Heister
  • Infundibulum: portion of body that joins the neck
  • Hartmanns pouch: dilation in infundibulum, may be due to chronic inflammation
  • Vasculature: supplied by cystic artery, usually a branch of right hepatic artery
  • Note: variations of bile ducts and arteries may be dangerous during surgery
  • Regional lymph nodes: lymph node present at gallbladder neck or cystic duct drains to hepatic hilar nodes (along common bile duct, hepatic artery, portal vein, cystic duct); also celiac, periduodenal, peripancreatic and superior mesenteric nodes

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