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Benign nephrosclerosis

Author: Nikhil Sangle, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / general
  • Also called hypertensive nephrosclerosis
  • Sclerosis of renal arterioles and small arteries, particularly afferent arterioles, due to hypertension
  • Causes focal ischemia, moderate reduction in glomerular filtration rate, moderate proteinuria
  • Causes end stage renal disease (QJM 2007;100:113); higher risk if African-American, severe hypertension, diabetes mellitus
Gross description
  • Mildly shrunken kidneys, cortical surface resembles leather
Gross images

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Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Thickened and hyalinized vessel walls, hyaline deposition in arterioles, fibroelastic hyperplasia in lobular / arcuate arteries
  • Tubular atrophy, interstitial fibrosis, periglomerular fibrosis and glomerulosclerosis
  • Hyaline arteriolosclerosis: outer wall thickened by PAS+ eosinophilic and homogenous material, with atrophy of smooth muscle cells in vessel wall and uniform basement membrane thickening; more common in afferent arteriole and vessels lacking an internal elastic lamina; associated with diabetes, hypertension and increasing age; IgM and C3 deposition
Microscopic (histologic) images

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