Kidney tumor
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Glomus tumor

Author: Mandolin Ziadie, M.D.

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Definition / general
  • Tumor of modified perivascular smooth muscle cells
  • Variants include glomus tumor, glomangioma (more vascular) and glomangiomyoma (has elongated smooth muscle cells)
Clinical features
  • Usually benign behavior
  • Most common site is distal extremities, rare in visceral organs or kidney
Case reports
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Well circumscribed nodule composed of sheets and nests of round and somewhat cohesive cells with abundant pale cytoplasm, smooth nuclear borders and occasional nucleoli
  • Cells may appear epithelioid
  • Histologic appearance depends on vascular cell to glomus cell ratio, their differentiation and the amount and composition of the stroma
  • Though rare, tumors with malignant potential have been described
  • Poor prognostic factors include large size, deep location, infiltrative pattern, mitoses, necrosis and nuclear pleomorphism
Microscopic (histologic) images

Images hosted on other servers:

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Negative stains
  • Negative for endothelial, epithelial, melanocytic and neuroendocrine markers, although some of these markers may stain vessels and entrapped renal epithelium
  • Also negative for desmin
Electron microscopy description
  • Modified smooth muscle cells (thin microfilaments, dense bodies)
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