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Definition / General
  • Rare; < 50 cases reported
  • May arise in perirenal tissues or renal capsule with secondary invasion of kidney
  • Often older patients; may be associated with hypoglycemia
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • Large circumscribed tumor
Gross Images

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Well circumscribed tumor

Micro Description
  • Rich network of branching vessels with staghorn configuration, lined by single layer of endothelium, surrounded by haphazard pattern of round / oval tumor cells with indistinct cell borders
Micro Images

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H&E and silver stain

Thin walled, staghorn vascular spaces (fig. 4)

Cytology Description
  • Cellular, single and tightly packed clusters of oval to spindled cells aggregated around branched capillaries
  • Usually basement membrane material
  • Nuclei are uniform and oval with finely granular chromatin and inconspicuous nucleoli
  • No mitotic figures, no necrosis (Cancer 1999;87:190)
Cytology Images

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Irregular fragments of tissue (fig. 1)

Uniform oval or spindled cells (fig. 2)

Metachromatic basement membrane material (fig. 3)