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Rhabdoid tumor

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Definition / General
  • Highly aggressive renal tumor of infancy
  • 1% - 2% of childhood renal tumors
  • 60% are < 1 year old, 30% are 1 - 3 years old, rare > 5 years
  • 15% are associated with PNET in the midline posterior fossa
Diagrams / Tables

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Age distribution

Clinical Features
  • Very aggressive; 82% present with metastases; 90% die in 2 years
  • Usually stage 2 or higher; 9% are bilateral
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • Small, fleshy / hemorrhagic tumor with ill defined margins involves medullary region
  • Satellite lesions may be present
Gross Images

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Soft tan tumor

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round lobulated mass (fig 14)

Micro Description
  • Diffuse sheets, trabecula or alveolar pattern of large monomorphic cells with well defined cell borders
  • Aggressive invasive patern
  • Neoplastic cells have pink cytoplasm with eccentric nuclei due to intracytoplasmic inclusions of eosinophilic hyaline globules
  • Chromatin is clear / vesicular with central, large nucleoli
  • Occasionally cells are spindled; variable necrosis and mitoses
Micro Images

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High grade tumor with abundant cytoplasm, perinuclear inclusions and prominent nucleoli

Rhabdoid tumor

Sheets of tumor cells surround glomerulus

Patterns (left to right): epithelioid, hyalinizing, chondroid

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38 year old woman - various images

10 year old girl
Fig 1: CT shows large calcified mass in pelvic brim
fig 2 / 3: nodules of large, cells with well defined cell borders,
abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm pushing nuclei to periphery,
karyotype shows +X, +2 +7 plus other changes

Rhabdoid and medullary tumors, H&E and INI1

Positive Stains
Negative Stains
Electron Microscopy Description
  • Hyaline globules composed of tangled intermediate filaments
Molecular / Cytogenetics Description
Differential Diagnosis
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