Kidney tumor
Benign (usually) adult tumors

Authors: Pallav Gupta M.D., Mandolin Ziadie, M.D.

Revised: 18 April 2018, last major update June 2016

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  • Rare (one case report)
Case reports
Gross description
  • Arose in wall of renal cyst
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Large nodules exhibiting solid or trabecular architecture, conspicuous perivascular spaces or cylindromatous small tumor cell islands in jigsaw pattern
  • Focal tubular structures and tumor cell rosettes with central PAS+ material
  • Focal epidermoid differentiation
Positive stains
Molecular / cytogenetics description
  • Isochromosome i(16p)
  • Loss of heterozygosity at 16q12-13 of the CYLD1 gene (involved in oncogenesis of familial cylindromatosis and some sporadic spiradenocylindromas)