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Liver and intrahepatic bile ducts-nontumor

Vascular disorders

Veno-occlusive disease

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● Originally in Jamaican drinkers of pyrrolizidine alkaloid-containing bush tea
● Now occurs after a few weeks in 25% with allogeneic bone marrow transplant; 30% mortality; biopsy is risky in these patients
Symptoms: tender hepatomegaly, ascites, weight gain, jaundice
Treatment: supportive

Case reports

● 37 year old woman with recurrent progressive fibro-obliterative venopathy after liver transplant (Am J Surg Pathol 1999;23:734)

Micro description

● Obliteration of central vein (terminal hepatic venule) radicles by subendothelial swelling and fine reticulated collagen
● Acutely is centrilobular congestion/necrosis with hemosiderin laden macrophages
● Later, obliteration of lumen is noted with reticulin stain; very late - may see obliteration of the venule

Micro images

Fibrous occlusion of centrilobular venule (silver stain)

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