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Hantavirus pneumonia

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Elliot Weisenberg, M.D.
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Clinical features
  • Zoonosis transmitted by feces from infected rodents (Emerg Infect Dis 2009;15:561)
  • Severe pulmonary disease, often in Southwest US; 25% - 35% mortality
  • Symptoms eventually resolve in almost all survivors (Lung 2010;188;387)
  • Epidemic disease occurred in Southwestern US in 1993 (Centers for Disease Control); sporadic cases have occurred since then
  • Diagnosis confirmed by immunohistochemistry, serology, PCR, electron microscopy
Clinical images

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Cotton rat (Sigmodon hispidus)

Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Causes interstitial pneumonitis with mononuclear infiltrate, edema, focal hyaline membranes, pleura effusions
  • Atypical lymphocytes in pulmonary vasculature may mimic lymphoma
Electron microscopy images

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Transmission electron
micrograph of Sin
Nombre hantavirus

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