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Lung tumor

Dysplasia / carcinoma in situ


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● Pulmonary preneoplastic changes include (1) bronchial squamous dysplasia and in situ carcinoma preceding invasive squamous cell carcinoma and basaloid carcinoma, (2) atypical adenomatous hyperplasia preceding bronchioloalveolar carcinoma, and (3) diffuse idiopathic pulmonary neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia, a proposed precursor for carcinoid tumor
● Usually associated with bronchial lesions
● Often present in uninvolved bronchus near carcinoma
● No distinct criteria for dysplasia versus carcinoma in situ - expert confirmation recommended before signing out case as carcinoma in situ

Gross description

● Either unremarkable or papillary and granular with loss of folds

Micro description

● Squamous dysplasia: focal to full thickness replacement of epithelium by squamous cells with increased nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio, nuclear pleomorphism, mitotic activity but intact basement membrane
● No invasive growth although may extend into ducts of submucosal glands

Micro images

Various images

Virtual slides

Bronchial squamous cell carcinoma in situ

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