Lung tumor
Features to report

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Definition / general
  • Editor's note
  • Specimen type and site (involved bronchi or segments, laterality, intact or fragmented)
  • Procedure
  • Histologic type
  • Histologic grade (incorporating nuclear atypia, mitotic index)
  • Tumor size
  • Surgical resection margins (bronchi, peribronchial and perivascular soft tissue)
  • Involvement of bronchi, surfaces covering tumor (pleura, thoracic wall, diaphragm), adjacent structures
  • Angiolymphatic invasion
  • Presence of multiple tumors (intrapulmonary metastases)
  • Pleural dissemination
  • Lymph node involvement (site of lymph nodes, number obtained, number positive, size of largest metastasis, extracapsular invasion)
  • Presence of disease in uninvolved lung / bronchi
  • Presence of histologic treatment effect (if prior chemoradiation therapy)
  • Molecular studies, as appropriate
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Visceral pleural invasion

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