Lymph nodes - not lymphoma
Normal cell population

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Definition / general
  • Centroblasts:
    • Large non-cleaved follicular center cells (B cells) with moderate amounts of basophilic cytoplasm, large round nuclei, open chromatin, multiple peripheral nucleoli
    • Frequent mitotic figures
  • Centrocytes:
    • Large and small cleaved follicular center cells (B cells) with scant cytoplasm and inconspicuous nucleoli
  • Immunoblasts:
    • Large B cells scattered throughout the paracortex
    • Intermediate between small B cell and a plasma cell
    • Prominent single nucleoli
    • Express B cell markers (CD20, CD79a, PAX5) and CD30
  • Plasma cells:
    • Abundant basophilic cytoplasm (due to high content of rough endoplasmic reticulum) with paranuclear hof (highlighted by Giemsa stain, due to Golgi apparatus)
    • Have eccentrically placed nucleus with spoke wheel (clock face) chromatin due to small clumps of chromatin on nuclear membrane in an otherwise round and clear nucleus
    • May have Russell bodies (intracytoplasmic PAS+ globules)
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Centroblast-like cells in diffuse large B cell lymphoma

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Russell bodies

Electron microscopy images

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Plasma cells

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