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Definition / general
  • Normal lymphoid cells undergo rearrangements within their antigen receptor genes, causing specificity for the immunoglobulin or T cell receptor that they produce
  • Monoclonal proliferations are presumed to be neoplastic; polyclonal populations are not neoplastic
  • Apoptosis helps eliminate B cells producing antibodies with low avidity
Pluripotent Hematopoietic Cell / Stem Cell
  • All hematopoietic cells, including lymphocytes, arise from a single pluripotent hematopoietic cell, which has properties of self renewal and potency (Wikipedia)
  • Self renewal: the ability to go through numerous cycles of cell division while maintaining the undifferentiated state
  • Potency: the capacity to differentiate into specialized cell types (cells of erythroid, megakaryocytic, myeloid and lymphoid lineages)
  • Upon transplantation, can home back to appropriate sites in the bone marrow with retention of above properties
  • Lymphoid stem cells are TdT+, CD34+, HLA-DR+
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