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Definition / general
  • An annual performance evaluation or appraisal and/or competency assessment is a standard procedure which evaluates:
    • An employee's achievements or deficiencies
    • Determines whether the job expectations have been met
    • How performance can be rewarded or improved
Evaluation basis
  • The job description, with its performance standards and specific competencies, is the basis of the evaluation
  • The immediate supervisor must gather performance data and conduct the evaluation based on the job description
  • Specific examples of an employee’s meeting, exceeding, or failing to meet expectations should be documented
  • Success should be recognized with compensation and/or promotion
  • When there are deficiencies, they should be analyzed:
    • Were performance standards known?
    • Is it a training issue?
    • Is it a motivation issue?
    • Is it a competency issue?
    • Obstacles to successful performance?
    • Is it just a bad fit between person and job?
  • The evaluation should include a plan for improvement when necessary
  • Documentation of the evaluation must be thorough and acknowledged, in writing, by the employee