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The job description
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Definition / general
  • The job description is critical to personnel management
  • It is essential for recruiting and advertising because it defines specific prerequisites, requirements and expectations
  • It is indispensable during job interviews to determine whether a candidate is suitable for a specific position
  • The job description also tells new employees what is expected of them
  • Is also used to evaluate employees' performance and determine whether merit pay, promotion, or other action is warranted
  • The essential components of the job description are indicated below
The Heading
  • Includes basic employment information such as:
    • Job title
    • Job classification
      • Level and step
    • Exempt status
    • Salary/benefits
    • Job location
    • Schedule
      • i.e. Shift/PT/FT
Position Description
  • Job summary
  • Major (general) duties
  • Reporting/supervisorial relationships
Basic Requirements
  • Citizenship
  • Education
  • Licensure, certification and re-certification
  • Experience
  • Organizational requirements
    • English language proficiency
    • Interpersonal skill
    • Time, attendance and dress code standards
    • Compliance with organizational rules and regulations
  • Compliance with CLIA personnel standards
Specific Requirements and Competencies / Duties
  • General or core tasks
  • Specific knowledge and skills required
  • Specific detailed duties and tasks
  • Specific performance expectations
  • Physical requirements/working conditions
  • Other requirements for specific jobs
  • Research and teaching responsibilities
  • Administrative or management responsibilities
Final comments
  • Writing the job description cannot be delegated to the personnel department
  • Only the lab supervisors, lab managers and pathologists know both the general and the specific knowledge, skills and experience any particular job requires
  • In order to recruit, advertise and interview successfully, those specifics must be included
  • In addition, employees deserve to know precisely what is expected of them and on what basis they will be evaluated
  • The thorough job description provides that essential information
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