Cytopathology Competency Assessment
Ectopic Thyroid and Parathyroid

Author: Gordon H. Yu, M.D. (see Authors page)

Revised: 27 May 2016, last major update September 2012

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Medical Knowledge, Practice Based Learning and Systems Based Practice
  1. Thyroid
    1. Recognize that thyroid-derived lesions are commonly encountered as mediastinal masses
    2. Recognize the utility of radiologic studies in confirming continuity of the thyroid with the mass in question
    3. Realize that the FNA findings of thyroid lesions presenting as mediastinal masses are as expected, once their origin as thyroid-derived is recognized
    4. Appreciate the utility of Romanowsky-stained preparations to recognize colloid when the precise origin of a given mass is not yet determined
  2. Parathyroid
    1. Recognize the frequency of parathyroid lesions presenting as mediastinal masses, and their ability to cause clinical symptoms (hyperparathyroidism)
    2. Become familiar with the FNA findings of a parathyroid lesion, particularly the difficulty in differentiating the component cells from follicular cells of the thyroid, based on cytomorphology alone