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Definition / general
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Definition / general
  • Extensive variety of tumors possible, encompassing hyperplastic conditions and both benign and malignant neoplasms (Histopathology 2009;54:69)
  • Macroscopic invasion into lung, pericardium or vessels is usually associated with the potential for invasive growth, although not necessarily malignancy (thymomas, fibromatosis, fibrosing mediastinitis)
  • Hemorrhage and necrosis are usually associated with malignancy
  • Encapsulation is associated with indolent processes (benign cysts, thymomas)
  • Stromal bands are associated with thymomas (bands intersect at right angles) or lymphoma (bands intersect obliquely)
  • Sternberg approach to mediastinal tumors: cystic or not, atypical cells or not, if malignant - either small cells, large polygonal cells, mixed small and large polygonal cells, spindle / pleomorphic cells, myxoid / adipose