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Definition / general
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Definition / general
  • Microarray consists of a solid support onto which DNA probes of known sequence are fixed in an orderly arrangement
  • The slide is hybridized under high stringency conditions with labeled nucleic acid targets (often mRNA or cDNA), extensively washed and the relative amount of probe bound target sequence is measured via label detection
  • Microarray allows the massive, parallel, semiquantitative analysis of the relative gene (nucleic acid) expression levels between two different cell populations, typically comparing "control" to "treated" cell populations or primary cell populations to neoplastic ones of the same or similar lineage
  • The number of different gene / nucleic acid sequences that can be simultaneously assayed on one DNA chip can range from ten to one million
  • Microarray technology, with its ability to simultaneously examine the expression of many different genes, has changed our approach to research; instead of asking "does drug X induce gene Y?", it is possible to ask "what set of genes are induced by drug X?"
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