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Author: Charu Thakral, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / general
  • X linked dominant trait associated with PORCN gene mutations on X chromosome
  • Characterized by Blaschko linear streaks of skin with markedly thinned dermis (and adipose tissue abutting the epidermis) together with ocular, dental and skeletal abnormalities, including osteopathia striata (fine linear striations of 2 - 3 mm, visible by radiographic examination, in metaphyses and diaphyses of long or flat bones)
  • Associated with multiple oral papillomas of lips and other oral mucosal sites
  • Also associated with skin hypoplasia and associated ulcers, fatty herniation, bilateral syndactyly with "lobster claw" deformity, iris and choroid colobomas, strabismus
  • Also known as Goltz-Gorlin syndrome
Case reports
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Irregular spacing of teeth

Delayed eruption

Absence of lingual frenulum

9 year old boy

14 year old girl

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Papilloma masses

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Osteopathia striata