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Definition / general
  • Grows exophytically on ovarian surface, with little involvement of underlying organ
  • Either surface papilloma, surface borderline papillary tumor, serous surface papillary adenocarcinoma
  • Malignant tumors tend to be bilateral, aggressive, have widespread dissemination to peritoneum at presentation
  • May develop in women with family history of ovarian cancer even after prophylactic oophorectomy
Case reports
Radiology images
Images hosted on PathOut server:

Case of the Week #417

CT soft tissue mass in the left hypochondrium

Lesion seen encircling colon and rectum

Gross images
Images hosted on PathOut server:

External surface
covered by large polypoid
excrescences and small
granular papillae

Some polypoid
excrescences are
resembling vesicles

Small, hemorrhagic, polypoid excrescences

Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Features of typical serous carcinoma
  • Contiguous with hyperplastic mesothelium of ovarian surface or other locations
  • Confined to ovarian surface or with focal minimal invasion
Microscopic (histologic) images
Images hosted on PathOut server:

Rectal tissue and a separate tumor fragment with papillary pattern x100 - COW #417

Papillary arrangement of tumor x200 - COW #417

Lining cells are pleomorphic and hyperchromatic x400 - COW #417

CK7 - strongly positive in tumor, negative in rectal mucosa - COW #417

WTI - nuclear positivity in tumor and negative in rectal mucosa - COW #417

CK20 - positivity in normal rectal mucosa, negative in tumor cells - COW #417

CDX2 - nuclear positivity in normal rectal mucosa, negative in tumor cells - COW #417

High grade ovarian carcinoma

Exophytic proliferation
of cellular papillae
and slit-like
glandular spaces

Positive stains
  • Neutral or acidic mucins (Hum Pathol 1990;21:99), keratin, EMA, B72.3 (85%), LeuM1 (45%), vimentin (35%), CEA (25%)
Electron microscopy description
Molecular / cytogenetics description
Differential diagnosis
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