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Congenital anomalies


Reviewer: Deepali Jain, M.D. (see Reviewers page)
Revised: 26 January 2013, last major update August 2012
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● Extremely rare anomaly
● Associated with severe intrauterine growth restriction, early onset of diabetes mellitus without ketoacidosis, failure to thrive due to pancreatic insufficiency and malformations of the biliary system and the heart (Klin Padiatr 2005;217:76)
● High mortality
● Agenesis of dorsal pancreas is also rare; either partial or complete (JOP 2012;13:108); associated with polysplenia syndrome (Br J Radiol 2011;84:e217)


Various images

Clinical images

Intraoperative image of dorsal agenesis with underlying superior mesenteric vein; note the absence of pancreatic tissue left of the superior mesenteric vein (arrowhead marks most distal aspect of pancreatic tissue; thin arrow marks superior mesenteric vein)

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