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Definition / general
Primary tumor (T)
  • TX: Primary tumor cannot be assessed
  • T0: No evidence of primary tumor
  • Tis: Carcinoma in situ (includes PanIN III)
  • T1: Tumor limited to the pancreas, 2 cm or less in greatest dimension
  • T2: Tumor limited to pancreas, more than 2 cm in greatest dimension
  • T3: Tumor extends beyond the pancreas but without involvement of the celiac axis or the superior mesenteric artery
  • T4: Tumor involves the celiac axis or the superior mesenteric artery (unresectable primary tumor)
Regional lymph nodes (N)
  • NX: Regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
  • N0: No regional lymph node metastasis
  • N1: Regional lymph node metastasis
Distant metastasis (M)
  • M0: No distant metastasis
  • M1: Distant metastasis
Anatomic stage / prognostic groups
Stage 0: Tis N0 M0
Stage IA: T1 N0 M0
Stage IB: T2 N0 M0
Stage IIA: T3 N0 M0
Stage IIB: T1 - 3 N1 M0
Stage III: T4 Any N M0
Stage IV: Any T Any N M1