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Authors: Komal Arora, M.D. (see Authors page)

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PubMed search: prostatic angiosarcoma
Definition / General
  • Rare in prostate, < 20 cases reported
  • Criteria for radiation-induced sarcoma: arise in area previously radiated, latent period (in years), sarcoma confirmed histologically (Cancer 1948;1:3)
  • Association with radiation therapy may be weak (BJU Int 2012;110:E819)
Case Reports
Gross Description
  • Extensive necrosis
Micro Description
  • Proliferative vascular channels lined by atypical, multilayered or solid endothelial cells
  • Tumor cells pleomorphic, varying from spindled to large/plump
  • Large pleomorphic nuclei with clumped chromatin and prominent nucleoli
  • Frequent mitotic figures, some atypical
Micro Images

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Various images

Bladder cases (no prostate involvement)

Positive Stains
  • CD34, Factor 8, vimentin
Negative Stains
  • PSA, S100, keratin