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Utricle cysts

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Definition / general
  • Utricle is embryological remnant arising from mullerian duct or decreased androgenic stimulation of the urogenital sinus; true incidence of prostatic utricle is not known, but present in 14% with proximal hypospadias and 57% with perineal hypospadias
  • Utricle cysts are usually between bladder and rectum, with cyst orifice at prostatic urethra
  • Mean age 26 years (range 2 months to 75 years)
  • Usually asymptomatic, but enlarged cysts may cause urinary tract infections, epididymitis and bladder outlet obstruction
  • Associated with abnormal external genitalia in 25%, unilateral renal agenesis / dysgenesis in 10%
  • Cysts contain calculi in 10%; epithelial lining is variable or missing
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Utricle cyst