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Radiation effect

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Definition / general
  • Salivary glands are exquisitely sensitive to radiation
  • Acute response:
    • Occurs within a few days or weeks of irradiation and is characterized by high levels of cell death resulting in >50% loss of salivary flow
    • Cell death is predominantly via apoptosis of acinar cells mediated partially by p53 activation
    • Decrease in flow is not compensated for by increased production from other uninvolved glands
  • Chronic response:
    • Occurs months or years after irradiation, and may be due to ischemia (as a result of vascular damage) and loss of acinar volume
    • In a subset of patients receiving <25 Gy, there may be recovery of function within 12 - 24 months
Gross description
  • Firm, swollen glands
Microscopic (histologic) description
  • Acinar atrophy, chronic inflammatory cells, squamous metaplasia of duct lining cells