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Benign (nonmelanotic) epidermal tumors or tumor-like lesions
Cutaneous horn

Author: Hillary Elwood, M.D. (see Authors page)

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Definition / General
Clinical Features
  • Usually solitary
  • Predilection for the head and neck and hands of older persons
  • Hard yellow to brown skin excrescence composed of compact keratin resembling a horn
  • Can be straight or curved and can measure up to several centimeters in length
Case Reports
Clinical Images

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Cutaneous horn

Firm to hard to the touch

Micro Description
  • Usually epidermal type keratin (with granular layer)
  • Occasionally has trichilemmal-like features (no granular layer but deep red granules) - termed trichilemmal horn
  • Examination of the base of the lesion is needed to determine the underlying etiology
  • Sometimes base contains epidermal hyperplasia without atypia
Micro Images

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Actinic keratosis with cutaneous horn

Low power

Verruca vulgaris