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Definition / General
  • Also called proliferating trichilemmal cyst
  • Neoplastic version of trichilemmal cyst
  • Women > men, base of neck and scalp
  • Usually benign, may recur locally, metastases are very rare and seen only with obvious malignant cytologic features resembling a focal trichilemmal carcinoma or a sarcomatoid carcinoma
Case Reports
Clinical Images

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Pilar tumor

Gross Description
  • Pure tumors are multinodular, may be huge
  • May coexist with trichilemmal cyst
Micro Description
  • Solid with pushing borders and lobulated contour, usually involves epidermis but may open into skin surface
  • Bands of squamous epithelium with trichilemmal-type keratinization
  • May have prominent atypia, focal stromal invasion
Micro Images

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Molecular / Cytogenetics Description
  • Nondiploid DNA