Small bowel (small intestine)
Infectious disorders
Escherichia coli

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Definition / general
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Definition / general
  • Causes traveler's diarrhea (watery diarrhea, hemorrhagic colitis / hemolytic uremic syndrome)
  • Different types of E. coli infection:
    • Enterotoxigenic: cholera-like, not invasive, from food or water, toxins activate adenylate cyclase and guanylate cyclase
    • Enterohemorrhagic: shiga-like toxin, not invasive, from undercooked beef
    • Enteropathogenic: enterocyte effacement, no invasion, from weaning foods, water; fatal diarrhea in newborns, colonize proximal small intestine
    • Enteroinvasive: invasion and local spread, from cheese, water, person to person spread
    • Enteroadherent: noninvasive, adherent to epithelial brush border; chronic prolonged diarrhea, villous atrophy