Small bowel (small intestine)
Congenital anomalies
Diverticula (other than Meckel)

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Definition / general
  • Present in 1 - 2%, usually solitary and congenital, may cause obstructive jaundice, pancreatitis, fistulas, hemorrhage, perforation
  • Usually penetrate the pancreas
  • May project into lumen like a polyp

  • Present in 0.3 - 1.4% of autopsies
  • Three times less frequent than duodenal but four times more likely to develop complications
  • Usually proximal jejunum along mesenteric border
  • Often multiple with thin wall
  • Associated with diverticula elsewhere in GI tract
  • Some are congenital but most are acquired
  • Usually asymptomatic but may cause obstruction, hemorrhage, perforation, abscess, malabsorption or vitamin B12 deficiency, possibly due to bacterial overgrowth in the diverticula
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Jejunal diverticula