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Fibromatosis of soft tissue - general

Author: Komal Arora, M.D.

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Definition / general
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Definition / general
  • Proliferation of histologically benign appearing myofibroblasts and fibroblasts or primitive mesenchymal cells (pediatric fibromatoses) with infiltrative growth, collagenous stroma, low to moderate mitotic activity, aggressive behavior with local recurrence, but no metastases
  • Divided into adult and pediatric types

Adult types:
  • Includes deep (or desmoid) fibromatoses and superficial fibromatoses (described separately)
  • Those that arise within and deep to fascia are called desmoid fibromatoses (also desmoid tumor or aggressive aponeurotic fibromatoses)
  • Those limited to fascia and superficial soft tissue plane (palmar, plantar, penile fibromatoses and knuckle pads) are less aggressive but recur frequently

Pediatric fibromatoses:
  • Includes numerous entities described separately including infantile desmoid, inclusion body (or infantile digital), myofibroma / myofibromatosis, Gardner fibroma, fibromatosis coli and others
  • Often characterized by primitive mesenchymal cells in addition to myofibroblasts and fibroblasts