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Soft Tissue Tumors

Infections, inflammation and hematomas

Hematoma of soft tissue

Reviewer: Komal Arora, M.D. (see Reviewers page)
Revised: 18 July 2012, last major update July 2012
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● May clinically resemble a tumor if deep seated
● Important to exclude a sarcoma with intratumoral hemorrhage
● Pseudoaneurysm may occur after intravascular procedures
● Post-operative seromas may persist for years and be confused with recurrent tumor

● Usually near tensor fascia lata (upper thigh muscle, see drawing below)

Case reports

● In tensor fascia lata (Dermatol Online J 2001;7:6)
● Giant chronic expanding hematoma of thigh (Joint Bone Spine 2008;75:64)
● Mass of thorax (Yonsei Med J 2007;48:337)


Usually near tensor fascia lata (upper thigh muscle)


● Complete surgical excision, including pseudocapsule

Clinical images

Lesion of lateral thigh

Perforating vessel (arrow) from tensor fascia lata appears to run into the mass

Lobulation with dense fibrous pseudocapsule and chocolate-brown fluid

Micro images

Cystic cavity with necrotic debris, fibrin and blood costs

Cyst wall has hyalinized fibrous tissue, chronic inflammation and granulation tissue

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