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Definition / General
  • Antibody against Human Epididymis protein 4, a protease inhibitor
  • Also called WAP5 and WFDC2 (WAP four-disulfide core domain 2)
Uses by Pathologists
Micro Images

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Respiratory tract and salivary glands

Cystic fibrosis of lung

Major and minor glands (Fig B, E)

Pulmonary neoplasms

Ovarian carcinoma-various subtypes

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Various tumors

Positive Staining - Normal
  • Breast (female)
  • Colonic mucosa
  • Epididymis (Biol Reprod 1991;45:350) and vas deferens
  • Female genital tract (endocervix, endometrium, fallopian tube, ovary)
  • Renal tubules
  • Respiratory epithelium
  • Salivary glands
Positive Staining - Disease
Negative Staining
  • Most non-ovarian carcinomas