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  • AKT1 is a serine / threonine protein kinase
  • Also called RAC-alpha serine / threonine-protein kinase, v-akt murine-thymoma viral-oncogene-homolog 1, protein kinase B (PKB)
  • Encoded by AKT1 gene
  • Regulates many processes including metabolism, proliferation, cell survival, growth and angiogenesis (UniProt, Wikipedia)
  • Activation, a frequence alteration in cancer, occurs through phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, and pathway may also include PTEN, KRAS and mTOR
Clinical Features

PI3K-AKT pathway

Micro Images

Abnormal epidermal stratification

Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (fig 5C)

Missing Image

Intrahepatic cholangio- carcinoma (fig B)

Oral squamous cell carcinoma (fig 1)

Pancreatic tumors (fig 1)

Phospho-specific AKT antibody

Phosphorylation levels of Akt with NBS1

Positive Staining - Normal