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Definition / general
  • Longer transcript of Bcl-x
  • Protects cells from apoptosis (i.e. anti-apoptotic marker)
  • Relative amounts of pro- and anti-survival BCL2 family of proteins determine if cell will undergo cell death - if more Bcl-xL is present, pores are non-permeable and the cell survives (Wikipedia)
Diagrams / tables

Signal transduction pathways

Clinical features
  • Cytoplasmic staining; colon carcinoma cells serve as positive control
Uses by pathologists
Microscopic (histologic) images

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Diffuse large B cell lymphoma (fig F)

Ba: compound nevus is negative
Bb: melanoma >1.0 mm thick (times 400) is strongly positive
Bc: subcutaneous metastasis is positive

Positive staining - normal

Bcl-xL forms pore