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Definition / general
  • "Epithelial calcium-dependent cell adhesion protein"
  • Calcium dependent transmembrane epithelial protein that promotes intercellular adhesion
  • Its loss is associated with invasive carcinoma
  • Tumor suppressor gene CDH1 is at 16q22.1
  • Abnormal function in carcinomas may facilitate cellular detachment leading to metastasis
  • Interpretation: normal pattern is membranous staining
  • Bladder: reduced expression in invasive bladder carcinoma
  • Breast cancer: absent expression in lobular carcinoma and LCIS
  • Stomach: signet ring carcinomas is negative for E-cadherin expression
  • Colonic adenocarcinoma: diminished membranous staining compared to adenomas with misplaced epithelium (Am J Surg Pathol 2002;26:206)
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