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● LIM-only protein 2
● Germinal center B cell marker (HGAL may be superior)
● Regulatory protein essential for hematopoietic development; inappropriate overexpression in T cells contributes to T-cell leukemia

Uses by pathologists

● Differentiate follicular lymphoma (LMO2+) from nodal marginal zone lymphoma (LMO2-, Am J Clin Pathol 2009;132:39, Am J Surg Pathol 2010;34:1266)
● Classify difficult cases of follicular lymphoma as part of panel (Appl Immunohistochem Mol Morphol 2012 Aug 20 [Epub ahead of print])

Micro images

Follicular lymphoma is LMO2+

LMO2 differentiates follicular lymphoma (LMO2+) from nodal marginal zone lymphoma (LMO2-)

Nodular marginal zone lymphoma is LMO2-

Splenic follicular and marginal zone lymphomas are LMO2-

Native tissue vasculature, including lymphatic vasculature, is generally LMO2+; myocardial vasculature is LMO2

Central nervous system vasculature loses LMO2 reactivity in older adults

Benign vascular neoplasms, including lymphovascular neoplasms, are uniformly LMO2+

Malignant vascular neoplasms are LMO2+, except epithelioid vascular malignancies of bone and pleura are LMO2-

Nonvascular malignancies have LMO2+ vasculature, except hepatocellular carcinomas and a subset of clear cell renal cell carcinomas

Myoepithelium and derived neoplasms, GIST and giant cell tumor of tendon sheath are LMO2+ outside the vasculature

Positive staining - normal

● Endothelium and lymphatics, CD34+ blasts, hematopoietic precursors, various B cells (germinal center, mantle, splenic marginal zone)
● Breast myoepithelium, prostatic basal cells, uterine secretory phase endometrial glands

Positive staining - disease

● Follicular lymphoma (Am J Clin Pathol 2011;135:697)
● Hodgkin and Burkitt lymphoma, diffuse large B cell lymphoma-germinal center phenotype (J Egypt Natl Canc Inst 2011;23:147)
● T-ALL, B-ALL; usually acute and chronic myeloid leukemia (Histopathology 2012;61:33)
● Neoplastic vessels, including lymphatics, but see below

Negative staining

● Peripheral T cell lymphoma (usually)
● Vasculature is LMO2- in adult and fetal heart, brain of older adults, hepatic sinusoids, and hepatocellular carcinoma (Am J Clin Pathol 2009;131:264)

Molecular / cytogenetic images

Chromosomal translocations associated with the LMO2 gene

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