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Definition / general
  • NIMA related kinase 2 (NEK2) is a serine-threonine protein kinase which plays a major role in mitotic progression, including timing of mitotic entry, chromatin condensation, spindle organization and cytokinesis (Cell Cycle 2013;12:3599, GeneCards)
  • Promotes centrosome separation at G2 / M transition (Eur J Cell Biol 2012;91:675)
  • Protein expression level of NEK2 is quickly degraded at the prometaphase to metaphase transition of mitosis; increased NEK2 activity during G2 phase leads to centrosome separation
  • NEK2 overexpression results in premature centrosome separation, while NEK2 mutant expression or NEK2 depleted cells lead to centrosome separation failure
Clinical features
Uses by pathologists
  • No significant clinical use at this time
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