Granulomatous gastritis

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Definition / general
  • Causes:
    • Anisakiasis, common variable immunodeficiency, Crohn’s disease, foreign body, histoplasmosis, idiopathic, post-barium studies, sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, tumors (extravasated mucin), vasculitis
    • Rarely Langerhans cell histiocytosis

    • Idiopathic / isolated:
      • Usually older white men vs. sarcoid (often young black men / women), other causes of granulomatous disease must be excluded
      • Patients may later develop Crohn’s disease or sarcoidosis
      • A descriptive diagnosis such as gastric mucosa with non-necrotizing granulomatous inflammation and a recommendation for followup may be more prudent than a diagnosis of idiopathic granulomatous gastritis

  • Chronic granulomatous disease:
    • May present with distinct or poorly formed granulomas in children with pigment-laded macrophages
    • Associated with outlet obstruction (Am J Surg Pathol 1982;6:673)
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